Fixture PAR64 with color filter

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Fixture PAR64 with color filter

Postby GNeumann » Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:01 pm

Dear All,
I'm looking for a fixture for a PAR64 with a color filter (e.g. red). So this has only one channel (intensity). If I try to create me a fixture using the ScanLibrary tool, of course it is possible to create a fixture with just an intensity channel, but I want to have not in white color. Is there a chance to have for example in red or green?
As I want to prepare a show using the 3D Visualizer, it would be great to have them in the correct color.

Any hints are welcome.

Thanks in advance and have a Happy New Year,

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Re: Fixture PAR64 with color filter

Postby mrodeku1 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:08 pm

Well, I had the same issue. In the beginning I had the idea to use the colour option in the 3D-Visualizirer fixture setup.
But this is definitely not working with a one channel fixture.
Sometime, on random, this option is available but it just change the fixture colour not the filter.
So I created a special fixture with just a 2 colour option from black to the target colour value.
The bad part of this is, you can’t use it with the FX-Generator as this 2 colour parameter is not supported.
Never then less I hope we will have this option with version 1.0 of the 3D-Visualizirer.

I tried to attach fixture file as sample but it failed. As well if I Change it to a 'jpg' file.
Greeatings Matthias
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