[edited] BUG when changing scenes

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Julius Drescher
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[edited] BUG when changing scenes

Postby Julius Drescher » Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:54 pm

Hi again,
[edit: I tried to make a show which is as simple as possible, because I recognized, that this bug is related to load but present even in light-load situations]

Unfortunately Daslight 4 sends "all zero" when changing scenes.

For example:

- 1 fixture e.g. par64

- There is 1 group

- The group contains 5 scenes, the first scene is active at e.g. dmx level 150 (doesn´t matter)

- Via the "next-button" (global- or group-button) the scene is switched to the next.

- The level should stay the same.

- Every time, when there is a switching, the light flickers (short ON-OFF). Although there is no change in the level from the one scene to another. Noticable with only the dmx-dongle and real lights, only over an ArtNet node and Visualizer on a second Computer or both.

- It´s not only the dimmers which are hopping to "0", but all channels, so moving lights will turn...

- The higher the load (more fixtures, scenes, groups), the longer the zero-state lasts. On a show with a cue list of ~70 scenes each in 11 groups this state lasts about a second. :roll:

- If I switch the scenes via direct-access, so clicking on the next scene which releases the previous one, there is NO problem at all.

It seems that the next button first releases the previous scene and then activates the new one. In the meantime the dmx levels are set to zero. If it takes more time to load the new scene , for example in heavy load on the pc, it gets noticable.

This makes daslight unusuable for someone, who does preprogramming and wants to go through the scenes via the next button.

Please fix this.

Tested on 3 pc´s with Win7 prof. from older to very new hardware and the actual Daslight4 (18.dec.2017)
The PC is a Win 7 prof. on I7 and 8gB of RAM.

Thanks a lot!


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Re: [edited] BUG when changing scenes

Postby Benno » Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:38 pm

Hi Julius,

I've tested your showfile and can see what you mean. I have passed all the information on to the software developers so they can investigate and hopefully find a solution for the next Beta.

Kind regards
Product Support

Julius Drescher
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Operating System: Windows

Re: [edited] BUG when changing scenes

Postby Julius Drescher » Thu Dec 21, 2017 4:27 pm

That would be great, thank you for your fast reply!

Kind regards,

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