Very strange bug: midi clock rhythm disturbance!!!

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Very strange bug: midi clock rhythm disturbance!!!

Postby kraimor » Wed Nov 01, 2017 7:57 pm

Hi to all users of Daslight,
and especially to the Support-Team,

I´m very displeased of the Daslight 4 software at the moment.

The reason I bought Daslight is to create a perfect synchronized lightshow for my band. We use a DAW for playback the backing tracks (Bitwig 2). The plan was to create scenes in Daslight and start them via midi note on/off commands.
I also want to use scenes with programmed steps. Therefore I transmit the midi clock via Bitwig to Daslight.

Two possibilities:
1: I´m to foolish to use Daslight...
2: Or I have identified a very strange bug

In Bitwig I play some tracks: audio track (half playback), 5 midi tracks to control the Daslight scenes (five different midi channels). The midi commands and the clock is transmitted via IAC driver.
The song has a constant tempo over the whole song (no changes).

I have a scene in Daslight with 2 steps. Scene is launched by a midi command. The steps are triggered by BPM.

Only the 2 programs are opened (Bitwig and Daslight).
I switch the two Programms with "Alt + Tab"

An there is the bug:
If Bitwig is (after pressing "Alt+Tab") in the foreground all works well. The scene with the two steps is perfectly synced to the beat. If I restart the playback in Bitwig an press "Alt+Tab" the scene (with the two steps) is extremely not synchronized. The BPM lamp in Daslight is lightening up very discontinuous like cardiac arrhythmia.

Is this a known bug or is this a error introduced from myself.

If this is a bug I hope it will be fixed asap. I need Daslight for the synchronized lightshow to our backing tracks!!!. I´m very angry at the moment because If upgraded from Enntec DMXIS to Daslight due to the pan/tilt features and the easy workflow. I hope you can help me that Daslight is usable for me. I don't want to change the software again and again and...
I want a stable system that I can trust!

My system:
- Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6
- 2,9 GHz Intel Core i5
- 16 GB DDR3, SSD Drive
- Macbook Early 2015

My software:
- Daslight Version May 03 2017
- Bitwig 2.2.2

Thanks for your help.

@Support Team: If you want I can record a little movie about the issues or we can make a Teamviewer session.

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