Suggestion: Height dependent moving head position control

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Suggestion: Height dependent moving head position control

Postby kraimor » Sun Oct 29, 2017 7:45 pm

Hi at all,

during my work with Daslight I´ve a suggestion for a feature that I think help some people come forwards.

The problem regards the position of moving lights

Problem in headwords:
- band with programmed lightshow
- lightshow looks great (programmed in the rehearsal room)
- different locations --> different ceiling height
- result: manual adjustment of the positions of the moved lights

(I use some static positions of the moving heads in my light show. Illuminate different musicians, illuminate dance floor, ...)

Suggestion for a possible solution:
It would be very nice if I can enter a "height" additionally in a scene. With the height an tilt value, the software can calculate the light angle (arc tan calculation).
If I come to a new location I can measure the height I can reach with the moved lights on the truss. This height value I can input to the scene an the scene will be adjusted.

Would be a nice feature for me ;-)

If some other users of Daslight4 advocate this feature, please give a response ;-)

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