Midi mapping question

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Midi mapping question

Postby mokab » Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:54 pm


When a scene is selected, the faders of the devices linked to this scene and, having a midi mapping, are not notified of the change of value. While browsing the forum, I saw that it was a voluntary action of your engineers in order to avoid that the faders move when a scene contains several steps.
This is a problem for me. In my case, I have a scene with a single step containing 8 PAR with 8 dimmers of different values. When I want to change the dimmer of one of them and I move the fader associated with my controller, daslight goes from the value of the scene to the value of my fader. OK for that. However, if my fader was at a value of 100 and my scene at a value of 255, daslight goes from 255 to 100 at a time and follows my fader.
Do you think you can send the value to the controller when a scene contains only one step? Maybe even add a checkbox (I think the best place would be in the Midi editing window) to allow or not sending the value to the midi controller when a scene has a single step ?

Other request: Would it be possible to give us the ability to select the output channel for NOTE ON AND NOTE OFF in the MIDI OUT section? In my case, the APC 40 mk2 runs on 15 channels and, depending on the channel selected, pad will light, blink, pulse, etc ... Currently I use BOME MIDI TRANSLATOR PRO to do this but it would be perfect if it could be managed directly in Daslight.

Thanks again for this great software and thanks for listening to your users and improve the stability and the use of Daslight.

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