Some ideas and suggestions for DVC4

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Some ideas and suggestions for DVC4

Postby orginq » Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:44 am

Thank you for making the DVC4 software. I recently bought a DVC4 interface to use it.

I have some ideas and suggestions for DVC4 that I would like to share:

1) It would be really nice to add a dimmer-slider per group. In this way you can easily create submasters. I know that is already possible to assign one midi CC to multiple dimmer sliders, but just one group-dimmer will be a lot easier to assign.

2) In addition, it will be also nice to have dedicated (midi-assignable) flash-button for the group. When pressing it, it sets the group-dimmer value to max. When releasing it, it returns to the value of the group-dimmer slider.

3) It is great that there is already a group-release function to make a "radio-button" group, but currently it is still possible to accidentally turn off the whole group by pressing the latest active scene. Therefore it will be very handy when there is a group-option that says that there should be always one active scene remain in the group (actually it prevents the release of the latest active scene). In this way it will really work as radio-buttons.

4) The Pan Tilt Effects generator is already working great, but it will be nice if there is an option to zoom in/out the drawn shape. In this way you can easily adjust the factory-shapes to the desired size, instead of manual adjusting all points.

5) It will be also nice to add some more complex lissajous figures to the factory Pan Tilt shapes, instead of just one circle.

6) It is great that the fader-panel can be undocked, but it will be nice when this button can be disabled in the Preferences window. This prevents accidentally undocking the window, because the button is very close to the tabpanel tabs.

7) It is great that the Palette RGB can be assigned to MIDI controllers, but the assignment is not working well for some well-known midi controllers. For example, the Elation MIDICON has three rotary wheels that each sends different notes for Forwards/Backwards (i.e. from the MIDICON manual: Wheel 1 Up: Note 13. Wheel 1 Down: Note 14.)

Hopefully these tips will help you to create an even better product. Keep up the good work!

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Re: Some ideas and suggestions for DVC4

Postby Steffen » Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:19 pm

Thumbs up for all points! Especially bullet number one.

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