Having some issues with DL4

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Having some issues with DL4

Postby MarijnBergema » Tue Feb 23, 2021 9:16 pm

Hi everybody i'm having some issues and questions about DL4

I've got the software up and running on 2 screens and using 2 universes and everything works very well and it's very easy in use. However there are a few things i can't figure out.

-Flash in show mode. If i program a scene in edit and make it a flash button and then create a button for this scene in show mode it does'nt flash anymore. What am i doing wrong :lol: ?

-2 screens. I'm working with 2 screens, 1 touchscreen and a normal screen, this works just fine but every time i start DL4 i have to slide the show mode to the second screen (touchscreen). Is there a way to set the show mode on the 2nd screen permanently or do i have to keep on sliding?

- 3D visualizer does not work. When i try to start 3DV i see a small box with some codes in it and then the next box opens but this one remains black and does not respond to mouseclick or keyboard.

-Fixture Editor has some issues. When editing a new fixture I can't choose the type of fixture (movinghead, LED-Bar, Strobe etc.) When i click on the top left button a screen pops up named profile settings but this one remains black.

-Pan-Tilt movement. i've programmed a few positions for my movingheads and if i want them to do a circle or any other movement i want them to start the movement from the current position but now they go back to the position the pan-tilt generator has programmed. How can i create a movement that does it's thing on the position the movingheads are in at that time? Or How do i program a movement without programming a base position with it?

Thanks in advance
Greetings Marijn Bergema

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