Hey Daslight friends

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Hey Daslight friends

Postby nevian » Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:29 pm


I'm Sascha coming from Oberhausen/Germany,
and I'm programming a music synced light show for a pop duo called BLUE METAL ROSE right now :P

First, if you like to have some infos & sound samples just visit

After years of work in the studio we're going to play our first live gig on 15th April 2011 @ Sputnikhalle Münster / Germany.

I can tell you, it's not only a lot(!) of work but also great fun designing the lights with DVC2.
I'm working with the DVC2 beta from 03/03/2011 coordinated by Cubase 6 to trigger the scenes in Daslight,
solely using my own scan library "creations".

I'm looking forward to presenting you some vids here we'll catch from our performance in Münster.
Of course - we'd be happy to see one or the other member of this forum there :wink:

So. have a nice evening and fun with Daslight 8)

Feel free to contact me for any purpose.


I hope development of DVC2 (3?) will go on!
If there'd be any need of hints for optimizing the soft, just ask. I'm going to write a loooooong list :lol:
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Richard CSL
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Postby Richard CSL » Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:37 am

Hi Sacha, and welcome to the forum, I look forward to seeing your videos, and good luck with the show.

veile spass dabei.

DVC 2 is a very powerful piece of software, and those of us that use it all the time love it. I look forward to reading your suggestions too.
Music sets the mood Lighting sets the ambience

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