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New Software-Version

Postby Arktim » Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:08 pm

Hi everyone,

so it's my first post and ai start with a question :D

Did anyone know when a new software version e.g. DVC3 will be published?

I saw features in the SUITE 2 from "Nicolaudie" which i think are very interesting for DasLight- Users too f.e. Timeline, Presets and so on.

thanks for advice



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Postby simonB » Thu Aug 12, 2010 12:14 pm

Hi Markus

Daslight is aimed at the Disco and Club market. The main benefit of the software is its simplicity which is what makes it the worlds most popular DMX software package. If we add in too many features then it will just turn into Sunlite Suite and people requiring a simple piece of software will look elsewhere.

The DVC2 and Sunlite development teams are totally different. All software packages are constantly being developed (except for the visualiser and effects generator at the moment).

The Daslight developers have a list of the features discussed in the feature requests thread and are working to get some of them implemented in DVC3.

DVC3 will not take 3 years to develop like with Suite2. Sunlite Suite 2 is a complete re-build from the ground up and is designed for very advanced projects which is why it has taken so long. For DVC3 we are building upon DVC2.

We hope to have a preview of DVC3 next year at PLASA.

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