Starting steps "by hand"

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Starting steps "by hand"

Postby benoist » Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:58 am

Good afternoon,

I'm interested in Daslight softwares in order to control lights by computer. But I still have some questions, and I did not manage to find the answers in the helps.

- is there a Daslight software / interface in there it would be possible to start steps in a scene "by hand" ? I have only found automatic starts between steps, in function of the time.

- in fact, I'm a singer of a group, and I can't stay at all time in front of the computer. Still now, I was using a traditionnal light controller, was preparing my steps at home and was starting them in live with a footswitch linked to my light controller. Do you know if there is a Daslight software or interface who would be able to do the same thing ? (maybe with my light controller linked in the DMX-IN, or with the HE10 ?)

I can go to the computer to change scenes, but I need to be able to change steps only with a footswitch.

Thank you for your help.



Richard CSL
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Postby Richard CSL » Fri Feb 10, 2012 1:01 pm

If you create all your scenes in one group, (if you use more groups this does not work properly) you could use a midi command to change to next scene using tools, shortcuts, expand the live box, add midi comand. So possibly use footpedals or a cheapo drum midi pad.

you can create scenes with many steps (chases) and activate with sound or time slider. the tap for bpm function might be another option, I think this works on the latest version of the software, not tried it myself.
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Postby simonB » Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:34 am

....and if you wanted to run your show without a compter...
It is not possible to trigger by DMX in when running your show in stand alone (without a computer)
You could use the HE10 socket. These are dry contact ports which you can link with any scene. You just need to make a momentary closure with one of the pins and the ground pin to trigger a scene

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