Daslight & Pixel Controllers

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Daslight & Pixel Controllers

Postby stevelogik » Tue Oct 23, 2018 2:13 pm


I have an Enttec Pixelator Mini and it seems like DasLight doesn't fully support this. Do you all have plans to properly support this pixel controller?

https://www.enttec.com/products/control ... ontroller/

I can get "two" universes working on it but once I try to expand into a third with the Pixelator is when I run into problems. On the Pixelator I have Output 1 set to Artnet 0 as the starting universe and and artnet 1 as the ending universe. Output 2 is set with the same settings, otherwise i can't get it to work. If I set Output 2 to artnet universe 2 and 3; in Daslight the artnet universes don't display properly. I see a 0x4, 0x5, 0x6 and 0x7. What does that even mean? If I just use the two outputs set to 0 and one, in Daslight it shows 0x0, and 0x1. I'm confused in what this labeling actually means. Is there a way I can get these working properly? Maybe I'm doing something wrong? is 0x0 universe 0? is 0x1 universe 1? is 0x4 universe 4? I'm not sure how to properly map this within DasLight.

Also if DasLight doesn't not fully support the Pixelator Mini, what pixel controllers are best supported?

Thank you!

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