Recall Scene Via Midi

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Recall Scene Via Midi

Postby Magiczzz » Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:07 pm

Hi all, first of all let me introduce myself, I'm new here in the forum.

I run a local children's shows in Italy, near Rome.

I expose my problem.

Before i buyed DASLIGHT DVC3 Gold I ran all the lights of the show by calling midi, using Cubase with a midi converter output port, the scenes of a lighting console.
Now can i do the same with the DVC3?
I wish I could create a "timeline midi" so that the lights and effects start exactly where I want on the song flows ...
I could not use the trigger function because DLVC not recognize the midi converter (fully installed)
Do any of you have any idea about it? :cry:

:idea: :idea: To something I've thought about it, but I see it very complicated. :?

I create scenes of DLVC and recall via the DMX channel and the last i recall it a scene via midi using cubase on a midi track! Something simpler? :roll:

Sorry for my English.
I hope i was clearly.
Thank You so much!

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Problem Solved

Postby Magiczzz » Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:42 pm

Problem Solved !

There's a little ( freeware for 60min ) program that allow two different software to share MIDI DATA.
Just search on Google "Virtual Midi" and change the midi output port on midi track with note on cubase ( or similar sequencer ).

Then go to daslight and choose " Tools - Shortcuts - All Scenes "
go to the favorite scenes and then send the impulse.
daslight automatically patch the midi channel!

Thanks at all!

PM ME to make it clearly with image and video tutorial by me 8)

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